Hunting the Living

Last year James Wilson was a devastatingly effective Original Zombie. He tagged something like 20 players in the first three hours and led the zombies to a total victory just before sundown. He’s put together a few tips for how to get around in the second half of Zedtown.

Zedtown: Hunt the living

So you’ve decided to prey/feast on the still living?

That’s great! This is a big undertaking that I’m sure will bring a lot of happiness to you, your friends and immediate family. Being a zombie is the biggest element of the game and one necrotic butt-tonne of fun, there is nothing more satisfying than taking a grown adult’s toy gun away and watching that little spark of hope die in their eyes. But there are a few tricks to being the best zombie killer you can be:

Stay quiet. Stalk your prey. Strike fast.

Zombies in films and literature are almost always depicted as shambling, moaning mounds, but I’ve always found the most terrifying zombies are the ones that appear suddenly and silently, just when you believe you’re safe. This is how I got most of my kills last year, I would stalk around uni staying hidden and listening for roving bands of humans and trying to ambush them. It’s the zompocalypse people, every corner should be full of terror.

Don’t be afraid to form hunting packs.

Any zombie can just charge unerringly at a human, but they’re often well prepared for this with a barrage of nerf. If you can, form several smaller groups and attack from multiple directions at once, spreading thin the human’s offensive field and picking off the weaker/less prepared members. Like the putrefying Lion you are!

Be prepared.

Last year was the most running I’ve ever done in 24 hours. By a massive margin. Bring a good pair of running shoes, even if they clash with your costume, trust me. Bring a water bottle and make sure that you’re staying hydrated all day, snacks as well; you’re going to need those carbs. Also a good idea is getting to know the uni grounds intimately before the date, start thinking like the ‘fleshies’ would. Where would they try and hold out? where can you ambush them?

Don’t be that guy or girl.

This is primarily a fun event for everyone, don’t do things that might ruin someone’s day; don’t climb things, don’t tag aggressively, don’t get carried away with the whole ‘killing’ thing. If you’re getting too serious about it all, it’s a bunch of legally adult-children shooting eachother with foam darts – You’re doing it wrong.

The main thing to remember is that time is on your side. Yes you’ll get shot, yes you will die again, but there are reinforcements coming. Be involved all day – This doesn’t end when your human character dies. (personally I think the best part has only just begun) This is a day long event and it only gets more and more fun as night falls. Happy hunting.