2014 Final briefing

Going to Zedtown: Darkness Falls this weekend? Here’s some final information you need to know about the game. Please make sure you read it all!


At a bare minimum you’ll need to bring the following things to play Zedtown.

  • Some kind of foam dart blaster and ammo, or a number of balled up socks.
  • A good pair of running shoes.

We recommend the following are very useful things to enhance your Zedtown experience:

  • A smart phone to listen in to Radio Zedtown. A battery extender is great too.
  • Snacks and water to help you survive on campus.
  • Cash if you want to buy merch. We don’t take EFTPOS.
  • Costumes are fun! Have a thought about how you’d like to dress. There are prizes for best costumes!
  • Anything else you think would be fun! We’ve had people bring extra zombie make-up, secondary zombie costumes, walkie talkies, automated turret blasters, banners for forts. Use your imagination!


There is no tent this year! Instead we are running registration on the lawns outside of Hermanns Bar (it’s marked on all maps as ‘ZOMBIE CENTRAL‘. Come here first to sign in. This is also where your zombie processing will happen in the game if you get tagged, so it’s a good place to remember if you’ve never been.

Zedtown map 2014


Just a reminder as the inevitable drop-outs and resales happen before the event: If you sell or buy a ticket make sure the new buyer:

  • Brings a print-out of the emailed receipt from the original buyer.
  • Quotes the original buyer’s name at registration.
  • Tells registration it’s a resold ticket so they can get correct info from them. If you bought an ACCESS ticket and you don’t have an ACCESS card you’ll be asked to pay the $10 difference so please bring correct change.

If you follow these rules you should have no problem using a resold ticket.


Try your best to leave the registration site. Go to Eastern Avenue and shoot your blaster! We’ll be running mini-games on the Eastern Avenue lawns which are a great opportunity to warm up and get some blaster experience. It’s also right next to the main stage where our 4:00PM game briefing will happen, so good to make sure you know where it is.

(Remember a BBQ will be provided at 3:00PM – this will either be at the Sunken Lawns (marked on your handbook maps) or right next to Eastern Avenue near the Chemistry Building – mods will advise on the day.)


St Johns Ambulance is on site and will be set up next to Hermanns. If you need medical assistance please come to Hermanns Bar or directly to St Johns. (Also, this is a good time to remember that part of the terms of our ticket sales is that we all play at our own risk, so try not to do something crazy that will get yourself hurt!)


There is one minor rules change in the rules that have been online for the last month. It is written correctly in the physical handbooks you’ll be given on the day. The rules for Stunning a Survivor (friendly fire) should read as follows:

Stunning a Survivor (friendly fire): Survivors may also be stunned by blaster fire. Stunned survivors may not move or fire their blasters at other survivors for a count of thirty seconds. If they are carrying a Mission Prop they must drop it or hand it over to the player who shot them, if requested. If they are in a base, they must evacuate the base for the player who shot them, if requested. Players never need to surrender any private equipment, ammo or blasters. Stunned survivors may blast zombies as normal. (amended, 9/11/14)


Be sunsafe: Temperature is predicted as partly cloudy with highs of 25 degrees. It’ll be hot, especially at registration and the minigames so make sure you are sunsafe. Wear a hat, bring sunscreen and drink lots of water. Nobody wants to get hit by sunstroke during the first hour and then miss the whole game.

Clean up after yourself: Our players are generally so good at cleaning up after themselves, please keep it up. Trashing the uni is going to be one of the quickest ways we get kicked off campus and we have to stop holding these events.

Also, there’s 30 minutes between the game end and the Zedtown formal beginning. We’ll be asking all players to do a dart sweep of the campus to look for stray darts – you get to keep what you find, and it’s important for us for making sure the campus looks as neat as possible Monday morning.

Stay out of the Quad: Last year we had a complaint from the uni about a lot of people in fake blood running through the quad to clean up in the toilets. A reminder the Quad is OFF LIMITS if you are visibly made up, wearing a blaster or otherwise look like you’ve just played Zedtown. The University is a great venue, they love the game and they have asked for just one thing – that we stay out of the Quadrangle, so please stay out!

If you need to use toilets there are toilets at Hermanns Bar (registration), Carslaw, a number of places. Please don’t use the Quad ones.

Remember it’s a game: This is the golden rule, everybody knows this now. Enjoy yourself but respect everybody’s right to a fun day. If you find yourself in an argument with another player you’re both taking it too seriously. Be generous, especially in death, and don’t take yourself too seriously. We’re all grown ups playing with toy guns. If we can remember that, we’ll have a great day.