Survivor Factions


We’ve promised more changes to the game in 2015. One of the newest elements we’re adding to the game are Survivor factions. When buying a ticket you’ll be asked to purchase tickets in one of three human factions or tribes. Each faction will be identified by wearing a different Survivor colour armband (red, yellow, or blue) and they will begin the game knowing the location of a different human stronghold, already in the game, complete with its own missions and unique characters.

Survivor factions aren’t necessarily enemies of each other but the Wasteland is a harsh world. Resources are scarce and there will be times when you have to weigh up the needs of your tribe against your own needs. Try not to lose sight of the fact that the real enemy is the Zombies outside, slowly growing in power and in number.

– David Harmon, Designer


Survivor factions introduce a few new rules into the game. All three survivor faction functions exactly like each other and the rules apply to all other survivor factions.

A reminder that there is nothing in the rules that prevents survivors of different factions from working together for some or all of the game. How you choose to behave in the Wasteland is up to you.




Faction vs Faction Fire

Survivors can stun members of other factions with blaster fire and balled up socks. Stunned survivors must follow the following rules:

  • They must immediately stop firing at other survivors. If they accidentally hit a Survivor the hit has no effect. They may continue to fire at zombies as normal.
  • They must immediately drop any mission props they are carrying, or hand it over to a member of the faction who stunned them.
  • If they are stunned within sight of a faction Stronghold Beacon, they must evacuate the base for a count of 30 paces and then remain on the spot for a count of 30 more seconds after which they become unstunned.
  • If they are stunned out of sight of a faction stronghold, they must stand on the spot for a count of 60 seconds after which they become unstunned.

Stunned survivors may be tagged by zombies. Stunned survivors never have to hand over or forfeit private gear, blasters or ammunition.

Stronghold Status

All strongholds begin the game as active and shielded. While active, their flag will fly and they will be populated by a Faction Warlord. All strongholds contain a Faction Beacon which indicates their status:

  • Steady light: Stronghold is active and shielded.
  • Pulsing light: Stronghold is active and unshielded.
  • No light: Stronghold is abandoned.

Faction warlords will be able to explain how to keep bases shielded and active.

While the stronghold is shielded, warlords are invincible and may not be tagged or stunned. When the stronghold is unshielded, warlords may be tagged or stunned normally.

If a warlord has been tagged by a zombie the stronghold beacon will die and the faction stronghold will be abandoned. It will generate no more missions and any survivors will have to fend for themselves!

The status of all factional strongholds will be available through Radio Zedtown.

For all event information, check out the Zedtown: The Wasteland page.