Dress for the Wasteland


The Wasteland is no place for the unprepared. Whether you’re planning to live free or die historic on the fury road, you’ll want to look and dress the part. It’s up to you how much or how little you want to dress for the theme of this year’s Zedtown, but there are some great prizes available for best survivor and zombie outfits!


Post-apocalyptic chic has been around for a while now. Survivors in Zedtown: The Wasteland have had to contend with not just zombies but an unforgiving world as well. For ideas and inspiration in how to dress have a look at some of the following great series & franchises:


We have prizes for the best survivor and zombie costumes this year. We’ll be giving them away just before and right after the game respectively – so if cosplay’s your thing, make sure you show us what you’ve got!


Every player in Zedtown: The Wasteland begins the game with membership to a specific faction. Each faction is a tribe, gang, community all rolled into one.

We’re looking into printing embroidered patches for each faction. If you’re interested in getting a custom iron-on patch with your faction’s colours and artworks, let us know here.

Faction sigil artwork by: Matt Roden