Wasteland Final Briefing

Rules for Zedtown 2015 will be given out on the day as a small handbook. You can also download the 2015 Rules Handbook yourself.

Just a precious few sleeps until Zedtown: The Wasteland. Here’s everything you need to know and bring on Saturday – all the better to play your part as the world burns.


At the bare minimum, you’ll need to bring the following:

  • Some kind of foam dart blaster, or some rolled-up socks.
  • A good pair of running shoes.

We recommend you bring the following to fully enjoy Zedtown:

  • Water and snacks to help last out the day.
  • A smartphone to access our dedicated web app. A battery extender is also a good idea. More on the app below.
  • Extra ammo for your blaster. We provide some ammo drops, and there’s often lots to scavange but preparation aids survival!
  • Some money to buy t-shirts, stickers, patches and food. We don’t take credit cards.
  • Costumes are fun! Have a thought about how you’d like to dress for the wasteland. There are prizes for best costumes!
  • Anything else you think would be fun! We’ve had people bring extra zombie make-up, secondary zombie costumes, walkie talkies, automated turret blasters, banners for forts. Use your imagination!


Remember as always the University Quadrangle is off limits. Please stay out if you are noticeably costumed or carrying nerf blasters.


Meet for induction at Holme Courtyard. Minigames will be running from approximately 10:15 on the university front lawns. Feel free to take part, or head off to get some lunch ahead of the game’s briefing in the courtyard at 12:50.

(Please note, faction strongholds are not listed on the map. This is intentional. We’ll be pushing the location of individual strongholds to each faction member via our web app when the game begins. Its up to you to find the others!)


St Johns Ambulance is on site and will be set up next at the Zombie Hub at Holme Courtyard. If you need medical assistance please come to Hermanns Bar or directly to the Zombie Hub.

(Also, this is a good time to remember that part of the terms of our ticket sales is that we all play at our own risk, so try not to do something crazy that will get yourself hurt!)


Our players are generally so good at cleaning up after themselves, please keep it up. Trashing the uni is going to be one of the quickest ways we get kicked off campus and we have to stop holding these events.

Also, our game should end just after 7:00pm. We’ll be asking all players to do a dart sweep of the campus to look for stray darts – you get to keep what you find, and it’s important for us for making sure the campus looks as neat as possible Monday morning.


We’ve spoken about this at length on the blog, in the rules and on facebook but as a final remember performance-enhancing modifications are not allowed at Zedtown. Only purely cosmetic non-mechanical/non-internal mods are allowed. If you’re concerned your blaster may not pass this ruleset talk to a mod and bring a stock out-of-box blaster as a backup.

More on the 2015 rules on modifications can be found in our 2015 Rules Update.


We have a great last-minute surprise for this year’s game – a new web app to drive the game. This is a big investment for us and allows us to offer a whole slew of new features to players, including:

  • Receive custom messages depending on your faction
  • Track your progress on missions assigned by NPCs
  • Earn achievements as a survivor or zombie
  • Track your global ranking as a zombie and even gain XP and levels.

The app is easy to use but takes a little set up. Be on the lookout for an email from Zedtown in the next few days with a unique password and login link. You’ll need to log in some time before the game to add a photo of yourself, assign yourself a username and choose a new password (should you want one).

Once you’re set up, on Saturday log in using the mobile device of your choice and enter the ID on the dog tag you received at induction. You’re ready to go!