Zedtown: Rules Update


“Hello players! We’re getting close to three weeks out from the next Zedtown and it’s time to announce a few more tweaks to our ruleset as we head into ZEDTOWN: OUTBREAK SYDNEY.

As always our design changes come after receiving loads of feedback from you the players, so a big thanks to anyone who filled out a feedback form after our October game.

Because Zedtown is a community-based game, I always do my best to explain our goals and philosophy behind each rules change – so you can get the best sense of what we’re trying to achieve. If you have any questions about this game and the future, feel free to get in touch.

– David Harmon, Designer


Stunning a Zombie or Survivor: Survivors may stun a player by blasting them with a foam dart or arrow blaster, or by hitting them with a thrown balled-up sock. A stunned Zombie must pull their headband around their neck and retreat to indicate they are stunned. A stunned Survivor must lower their blaster. They must retreat from the person or group that stunned them and may not interact with the game in any way. This includes:

  • Tagging or stunning other players.
  • Shielding other players from darts.
  • Collecting darts on the ground.
  • Shouting out Survivor locations to other players.

(New!) No Friendly Fire: Survivors cannot stun players in the same faction as them. (Updated 21/11/15)

Respawning: Players can become unstunned using a Zombie or Survivor Respawn Station. A Spawner can only be used while it is ONLINE (indicated by the mounted lights).

To operate a Respawn Station you must:

  • Stand within 5 feet of the spawner.
  • If the respawn timer is unactivated, activate it by pressing the big red button.
  • Wait for the chime.

Congratulations, you are Respawned!

Remember: a Survivor Respawn Station can only un-stun a Survivor hit by blaster fire. If you have been tagged by a Zombie, we can’t help you.


(New!) Spawner Safe Zones: Non-elite Zombies may not enter the marked area surrounding a Survivor Respawn Station. Survivors may not enter the marked area surrounding a Zombie Respawn Station. (Updated 21/11/15)

That’s all for now. As we continue to refine the rules we’ll let you know. A complete list of rules can be found on the rules page. For all event information (and to book tickets), check out the Zedtown: Outbreak Sydney page.