Thanks for playing Outbreak Melbourne!

A huge thank you to everyone who played Zedtown: Outbreak Melbourne!

This was our first game in Melbourne and with 250 players taking control of the University of Melbourne I’m sure we’ll be back next year.

We saw lots of players with cameras and GoPros running around on the day – if you’ve taken any footage, we’d love to see it and put it here. Contact us (you can also share galleries to our Facebook page) and show us what you got!

If you’re keen to test your survival skills one more time in a brand-new environment, don’t forget we have another Melbourne game on April 9 at Monash University Clayton. ZEDTOWN: THE DEADLANDS will be played across our largest game map ever so gear up and get ready! You can buy tickets at Eventbrite.

In the meantime, have feedback and suggestions for Zedtown: Outbreak Melbourne? We’d love to hear them. Fill in our feedback form below.

See you soon!