The Deadlands postponed

Zedtown: The Deadlands

Hey all,

A quick note to say that due to a number of factors we’ve had to move our Monash Clayton date to Semester Two, later this year.

We apologise to both new players and to any loyal fans inconvenienced by this date change. Our goal is to make sure we provide the best events we can at the best value for money for our players and in the last week its become clear that moving our game back will give us the best shot to improve on both fronts.

By slowing down we can bring down the ticket price. We’ve had a lot of feedback from our Melbourne game that there are people (especially students) who would love to play Zedtown, but can’t afford the $50 ticket price. Our Semester Two game will let us slash prices almost in half across the board – which we hope will translate into more players and less wallet pain for everyone!

The good news: with this in mind, we are now able to move forward our next huge Sydney game which should be coming very soon. Keep an eye on our page during the coming days for more on that.

So when and where is the next Melbourne game now?

The next Melbourne game will still be at Monash University Clayton. It will happen on a weekend in Semester Two – most likely in September/October. At the moment we don’t have the exact date but we expect to have one by midweek next week – as of Friday afternoon we have three alternate dates that are being floated through various MSA/Monash University departments and we’re waiting for final approvals.

How much will tickets cost?

Tickets will be sold at the following prices:
$27 – MSA Outlet & Allocation sales for MSA members.
$29 – Concession
$35 – Full

…which should translate to a significant saving for all players.

What happens if I already brought tickets?

If you already brought tickets, you’ll be receiving a full refund – so expect some cash in your bank account and an emailed receipt from Eventbrite over the next few days. We sincerely hope you’ll be able to join us on our new game date.

Thanks for your understanding – we look forward to hunting and surviving with you again soon!

David, Shakeera & Andrew

P.S. this isn’t an April Fools – how weird would that be!?

Zedtown: The Deadlands will be brought to Monash University Clayton with support from the MSA.