Thanks for playing, Sydney!

State of EmergencyThe zombie horde at evac (photo by: NAT Photography)

A huge thank you to everyone who played Zedtown: State of Emergency in Sydney!

This was our biggest day yet with 2,050 players taking control of Sydney Showground in two massive games for Zedtown: State of Emergency. Over four hours the survivors battled with government agents, rogue revolutionaries and the living dead with just 5 survivors in the Day game and 8 survivors in the Night game making it out of the evac zone alive.

We saw lots of players with cameras and GoPros running around on the day – if you’ve taken any footage, we’d love to see it and put it here. Contact us (you can also share galleries to our Facebook page) and show us what you got!

We will be announcing more Zedtown games soon so keep an eye on our site and like us on Facebook to find out what other madness we have in store.

We’re always trying to make Zedtown bigger and better – you can help us by filling out the feedback form below. It’ll only take a couple of minutes and it helps us learn where to improve and gives us demographic information that makes it easier for us to find great venues and sponsors.

See you soon!



If you have any photos or videos you would like to share, let us know.