Thanks for playing Dead South

A huge thank you to everyone who played Zedtown: Dead South!

Dead South was our first game at the University of New South Wales and our largest event ever. 1,000 players took over the campus and after five hours only ten survived. We can’t wait to come back.

As always, we saw lots of players with cameras and GoPros running around on the day – if you’ve taken any footage, we’d love to see it and put it here. Contact us (you can also share galleries to our Facebook page) and show us what you got!

We’re always trying to make Zedtown bigger and better – you can help us by filling out the feedback form below. It’ll only take a couple of minutes and it helps us learn where to improve and gives us demographic information that makes it easier for us to find great venues and sponsors.

See you soon!



If you have any photos you would like to share, let us know.

Dead South final briefing

Just one short sleep till ZEDTOWN: DEAD SOUTH!

Original Zombies have been informed about their preselection in the OZ lottery. Trust no one.

Here’s a few final things you should know and can do ahead of the day.

1. Have a look at the rules

You can view some tips, the rules and suggestions for how to get the most out of Zedtown at

2. Get online with the Zedtown web app

Save time at registration and track your Zedtown successes with our dedicated Zedtown web app. You can create an account for free or log in by pointing your phone to:

If this is your first Zedtown you’ll need to create an account using the link above. When setting up an account use the same email you purchased tickets under for the quickest and easiest induction on the day.

If you’ve played Zedtown before then your account is probably already set up – and all previous achievements should be tracked. Remember you can reset your password if you forgot it!

3. Make a squad with your mates

You can form a squad already by logging into the app and inviting up to seven friends. Squads in Zedtown can track each other’s status – and even message each other using the app. Its a great way to keep tabs on your friends in the game.

4. Get ready for the big day!

Have a look at the game map. Pick out a dart blaster. Make sure your phone is charged. Pack some ammo and snacks. Dress the part.

Registration begins at 12pm – this is our biggest game to date so please make sure you arrive as close at possible to 12pm to make sure we can process everyone before the game begins at 2pm. You’ll need a print out of your Eventbrite ticket or access to it in your email to register.

5. Make sure you know where you’re going!

The game is being played at UNSW. Registration and Zombie Hub is in the Quadrangle Lawn.

That’s it! See you at Dead South!

Dead South game map

A new map means new places to hide and new places to die. Where will you make your last stand in the Dead South? And exactly how big is our UNSW game map? About 30% bigger than Sydney Uni and twice as dense as Macquarie, thanks for asking. Better get charging those Fitbits!

Zedtown: Dead South map

Zedtown is coming to UNSW

Can you survive the zombie apocalypse when it comes to UNSW?

Get your squad together and fight off hordes of undead!

Zedtown is an immersive alternate reality game where players don’t just become part of the zombie apocalypse story – they define it. Survivors armed with dart blasters fight for their lives against a mass of vicious zombies – and if caught, become zombies hunting down their fellow players.

Get your squad on point for the undead Armageddon.