A State of Emergency is coming

This is your warning, Minister August Reyn has spoken. “Under new emergency powers, the Ministry of Disease Control has issued an evacuation of all major cities across Australia… Gear yourself with Nerf blasters and prepare for the worst… There are limited places available in the Quarantine Zones. Apply for your ticket to freedom and await further instruction”

Get your pre-sale tickets tomorrow morning, Wed 19 April 9am. To grab your tickets and read up on this game’s FAQ, head on over to our State of Emergency event page.

Here are a coulple of the big questions you may have for this game:

Why the price increase?
This is a Zedtown on a scale bigger than anything we’ve done before. We’ve listened to the feedback from our 2016 games and are investing in a brand new native app for iOS and Android. We’re completely rehauling our ‘spawner’ props to make them smarter, more responsive and to allow more types of gameplay including class-based Specialist Survivor missions which is a new feature we’re super excited about. More on them later.

We’re upping our investment in design (including lighting!), NPC numbers, make-up, basically everything that makes our events ours. This is very much a Zedtown 2.0 and we hope you’ll find the ticket price well worth it.

What is included in the VIP ticket?
Everything that’s included in the regular game as well as special collectible VIP swag and perks: an upgraded VIP bandanna, collectable Zedtown dog tag, priority access to our FX make-up seats when you turn and the VIP Survival Pack – a kit of bonus ammo, in-game currency, an extra-life tag, story materials and a rare Specialist Survivor power card – giving you unique in-app abilities and mission options in the game! (More on these in weeks to come!)

Welcome to State of Emergency

Bigger, bolder and with more darts than your NERF blaster can handle.

ZEDTOWN: State of Emergency will bring you face to face with Zombies in a four hour epic battle to be the last human standing, set in a world where you can’t even trust your own government. This is a game for anyone who’s ever asked themselves where they’d go and how long they’d survive in the zombie apocalypse. Buddy up, form your squad, and join the waitlist now for the unmissable event of 2017.

ZEDTOWN: State of Emergency is coming to Melbourne and Sydney this June and July respectively.

Tickets for the event will go on sale soon and are guaranteed to sell out fast. Secure your priority access to tickets by joining the Waitlist.