Thanks for playing Twin Cities!

A huge thank you to everyone who played Zedtown: Twin Cities!

Twin Cities was our first game at Macquarie University. 600 players took over the campus and after six hours only five survived. We can’t wait to come back.

As always, we saw lots of players with cameras and GoPros running around on the day – if you’ve taken any footage, we’d love to see it and put it here. Contact us (you can also share galleries to our Facebook page) and show us what you got!

If you’re keen to test your survival skills one more time, keep an eye on our Facebook page where we’ll be announcing more games very soon.

In the meantime, have feedback from the day and suggestions for Zedtown? We’d love to hear them. Fill in our feedback form below.

See you soon!



If you have any photos you would like to share, let us know.

Survival Prep Checklist

Survival Prep ChecklistEssential items for game day (illustration by: Matt Roden)

Top six things to do between now and Zed Day to maximise your game.


This is a game that features a lot of running. Some clothes are better for running than others. Consider this.

Also, the Bureau of Meteorology website is predicting cloudy weather up to 18 degrees. Perfect zombie hunting weather! If you get cold easy it might be a good idea to bring some layers. Just remember you’ll need somewhere to stash them when things heat up!


Unfamiliar blasters jam suddenly and unforgivingly. Take your blaster out into the garden and shoot it a lot at things. Shoot it running, Shoot it from the hip, practice reloading it on the fly, practice clearing darts from the jam door. Learn the kinks of your blaster and how to deal with jams and problems. If your blaster is temperamental, consider bringing along another smaller blaster you can stash away for emergencies. Jolts, strongarms and triads are all good options here.


If possible you want to run light. Being covered in slings, holsters and combat webbing might look bad ass but the chances are you’ll tangle yourself up ten seconds in and be easy prey. Try and find ways to keep yourself free and mobile.

As a side point, consider integrating elements you need to cut down on the clutter. Gaffer-taping a torch to the side of a blaster keeps it where you need it without taking up precious access space. A backup blaster on a sling is useful – a one-shot backup blaster zip tied to your primary blaster can be that much better.


Zedtown: Twin Cities mapYou all have the final map now. Go have a reccie! There are hiding places and bolt holes all over the uni. Have a look around and work out where you’re going to go to ground at when things get hairy.


Be smart! There are other items and accessories that can be useful in this game beyond guns ‘n ammo. A backup battery pack for your smartphone might keep you logged into our web app longer than most. Earbuds can help you tune into Radio Zedtown at the right moment to get a crucial warning while keeping your hands free. Snacks and food will keep your energy up. Walkie talkies aren’t too pricey these days. A water bottle is vital! Have a think about what else you might bring to the party.


Finally, remember you probably won’t be a survivor all day. Think about the zombie afterlife. How will you spend yours? How will you stash your guns (there will be a cloakroom located in the Zombie Hub which can be used for a gold coin donation)? Any extra costume stuff you want to bring? It’s always good to have a plan B.

Want to know more? Learn how to play Zedtown with this handy video.

Zedtown: Twin Cities

Zedtown: Twin Cities


Buy yourself a dart blaster, suit up and take part in Australia’s premiere real-world zombie survival game – our first Sydney game in 2016! Up to 500 players will arm themselves with dart blasters and fight to see who can beat back the zombies and rule the twin cities of Macquarie University.

Team up to survive! Unique factional gameplay sees you join the game not just as a survivor but as a member of one of two in-game factions. Players will have to balance the needs of their own survival with their allegiance and needs of the tribe.

Wear your colours! Do missions! Survive till evac! And when you get bitten make sure you take everyone down with you.

Find out more, and book tickets at our event page: Zedtown: Twin Cities.