Hybrid World Adelaide: The Divided City

Hybrid World Adelaide’s

Zedtown: The Divided City

The world lives in fear of two super powers on the brink of Mutually Assured Destruction. In the back alleys of The Divided City, the East and West fight a covert information war in pursuit of two things: Control and Survival.

An uneasy detente has cast an eerie pall for months since the last flare in hostiles, but now both side’s spies have uncovered that the biggest threat may no longer be one another.

Deep below The Divided City, in a laboratory overseen by a shady Bloc scientist known only as Professor M (whose expertise is in humano-animatronics), work continues on their latest dastardly endeavours: Combining elements of the recently deceased with advanced-technology mechanics.

As The Professor’s fiendish creations begin to stir, what consequences it could have for the superpowers is as yet unknown: but when the world is on a knife-edge, the smallest things could change us all, and none may get out alive.


Date: October 7 2017
Venue: The University of Adelaide
Players: 200
Partner: Hybrid World