Zedtown 2012

Zedtown 2012

Zedtown is a massive game experience for up to 100 players that takes place across the entire main campus of Sydney University.

Grab a nerf blaster, some emergency rations and dress for the end of the world. Work out which one of your friends you’d leave to die first. It’s time for the zombie apocalypse!

All you need to play is some kind of dart blaster and a good pair of running shoes. We bring the rest. Six hours of survival horror with missions, ammo drops, make-up stations and a dedicated survivor radio station, it’s a chance to live out every zombie film you’ve ever seen.

Team up with your friends, dress for the occasion, keep on your toes and you might just survive long enough to escape Zedtown.

Zedtown is presented as part of Verge Festival 2012.


Date: October 6 2012
Venue: University of Sydney
Players: 100