Zedtown: Darkness Falls

Zedtown: Darkness Falls

It’s time to suit up once again and take part in Australia’s biggest real-world zombie survival game. This is going to be the biggest and best Zedtown yet, with up to 500 players arming themselves with Nerf blasters and defending the campus against hordes of vicious zombies.

All you need to play is some kind of dart blaster and a good pair of running shoes. We bring the rest. Six hours of survival horror with missions, ammo drops, make-up stations and a dedicated survivor radio station, it’s a chance to live out every zombie film you’ve ever seen.

Team up with your friends, dress for the occasion, keep on your toes and you might just survive long enough to escape Zedtown.

Also when the killing finally ends, for the first time ever we’re winding down at the Zedtown Social, a zombie-themed dance party at Hermann’s complete with DJs, drinks & spooky tunes!

Zedtown is presented as part of Verge Festival 2014.


Date: October 11 2014
Venue: University of Sydney
Players: 500

Game map