Zedtown: State of Emergency

Zedtown: State of Emergency


The Nation is in a State of Emergency. The ZTX Virus is continuing to spread across the nation. Infecting city after city. In desperation, the Government – its ranks already decimated by the virus’ arrival in Canberra – have enacted Agenda 12, granting emergency powers to the newly created Ministry for Disease Control (MDC).

Minister August Reyn (THE MINISTER) has called for calm in a hastily arranged press conference in an undisclosed location.

“Under new emergency powers, the MDC has issued an evacuation order for all major Australian cities. All able members of the public must immediately report to their designated Quarantine Zone. Resistance from victims of the ZTX virus is expected, so gear yourself with NERF blasters and prepare for the worst. Due to overwhelmed government resources, there are limited places available in each Quarantine Zone, so early registration is essential.

If you are already displaying symptoms of the virus, please remain inside your residence and do not attempt to access the Quarantine Zones. Do not be alarmed.”

We are the government and we are here to help you.


Date: June 24 2017
Venue: Melbourne Showgrounds
Players: 950


Date: July 8 2017
Venue: Sydney Showground
Players: 2,050