Zedtown: The Wasteland

Zedtown: The Wasteland

Three years since the first Zedtown and the world has gone mad.

Suit up and take your part in Australia’s biggest real-world zombie survival game – the largest Zedtown yet! Up to 650 players will arm themselves with Nerf blasters and defend the wastelands of Sydney University in an epic day-long epic game of survival and mayhem.

We’ve got exciting plans for this Zedtown. New unique gameplay sees you join the game not just as a survivor but as a member of one of three in-game factions. For the first time players will have to balance the needs of their own survival with their allegiance and needs of the tribe. There’s lots more to explain about this part of the game, but we’ll save it for a later update.

Grab your blaster! Wear your colours! Survive the wasteland! And when you get bitten make sure you take everyone down with you.


Date: October 10 2015
Venue: University of Sydney
Players: 650

Game map